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Murdock Smythe has created an un-deadly concoction that - when mixed with a spooky melody that he creates - can bring the dead back to life! You can stop him if you can remember the melody he creates as he splashes falling coffins with his potion. Catch the coffins in your portable crematorium, and the dead are sent to a peaceful ever-after, but if you miss, the coffin's residents are turned into raging zombies!. If you miss 3 coffins, the zombies will destroy your porta-torium and the game is over, but if you can catch enough coffins to finish a round, Murdock will make it more challenging by dropping more coffins at a faster pace! Can you beat Murdock all the way through his ultra-challenging boss stages and defeat his evil plan, or will zombies take over the world? A Zombie Musical is a fun, addictive and challenging game combining fast-paced arcade game play with a musical memory game.   - 2 Game Modes - Real-Time Play and Memory Mode.  - Real Time Play challenges the player to remember which coffins Murdock has chosen as they drop towards the grave in consecutive rows.  - Memory Mode challenges the player to remember an increasing number of selected coffins which are then dropped in rows after the selections have been made. - Over 50 challenging levels with different numbers of columns, rows and increasing speed!

A Zombie musical

memory mode demo

Real time play demo