​Elze Software

Free The Dog

An Amazing new puzzle game!

Beelzebub the black cat has tricked the poor puppy Rowsdower into his cage again!  Please help free the dog by using a variety of tools to try to get Rowsdower's ball into the basket and open the cage.

Use books, bananas, springs, catapults and even transporters to guide the ball to its target.  Avoid the balls of yarn that Beelzebub has placed to hamper your efforts!

The game isnt easy, but there is no time limit!  Try and re-try every level to solve the puzzles in new ways and maximize your score!

This clever game features photo-realistic animation, original soundtracks and realistic physics.  Although there are a large number of ways the tools can be arranged to get the ball into the basket and free the dog, you can maximize your score by capturing all the dog bones and utilizing all the tools!

Trailer Video

Trailer with game demo