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Selfie Dance

Selfie Dance makes you the star!

Selfie Dance is the first dance app that features realistic, amazing performances of an amazing hip-hop dance or an incredible animation dance routine!

In Selfie Dance, you select a head shot by choosing a photo from your camera roll, taking a new photo, or even downloading a celebrities’ photo from the internet.  The built-in photo interface allows you to zoom, rotate and crop the selected photo to just the chosen area.  This head shot is then attached to your choice of dancer - a hot, lean female dancer or a ripped, masculine male dancer.  Finally, choose the dance routine - a hip hop routine or animation routine and watch your creation rip it up on a city sidewalk to original music created just for Selfie Dance!  When the dance is complete, you can share the dance through FaceBook, Twitter or an email.  Selfie Dance is a free app that is appropriate for all ages.

Selfie Dance Demo

Selfie Dance Photo interface Demo